A Bad Moms Christmas (2017)

dir. Jon Lucas, Scott Moore

Sequel to Bad Moms, A Bad Moms Christmas takes everything that was terrible about the first one, increases it tenfold, and makes it Christmas time. This time, our trio of “rebellious” mothers have their own mothers to contend with. Christine Baranski plays an uptight perfectionist who cares more about her reputation than what her daughter needs; Susan Sarandon plays a gambling drug addict who seems to regularly forget she even has a daughter; Cheryl Hines plays a woman so disturbed, so terrifying, that she routinely wears pyjamas with her daughter’s floating face on them and sits silently watching in secret while her daughter and son-in-law have sex. Wanda Sykes loudly proclaims that these latter behaviours are simply because being a mother is hard, and would drive anyone crazy. Like the first one, A Bad Moms Christmas doesn’t seem to get the difference between needing a break and being an actively toxic parent. But it all ends in a happy Christmas music video, so it’s alright really.

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