Ax ‘Em / The Weekend It Lives (1992)

dir. Michael Mfume

Ax ‘Em is basically a home movie. Anyone can see that. Surprising no one, the director Michael Mfume is also the writer, producer and main star. It has neither the budget nor the acting prowess of a real film. It’s quite clearly done for love rather than for money, though. It’s a standard slasher – a bunch of young people run around screaming while some guy comes along with an axe, intent on murdering them all. They run through woods and they run through an abandoned house. It’s dark. There is little hope for survival. It’s utterly standard, except for the fact that Ax ‘Em‘s video and audio quality are so bad, you can’t even work out the characters’ names most of the time. Before the killing starts, long shots are just spent fixated on such intriguing occurrences as the friends eating dinner. This film was not made by a filmmaker.

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