Beautiful Creatures (2013)

dir. Richard LaGravenese

Beautiful Creatures feels a bit like an extended music video for some vacuous gothic pop band. Quite obviously trying to continue the Twilight tradition of a love story affected by a family’s supernatural leanings, Beautiful Creatures is more preoccupied with its characters’ swooshy dresses and histrionic posing than with trying to present a coherent plot. There’s weird Civil War flashbacks, premonitions, ancient books, curses – it feels like they made it up as they went along. Of course, it all culminates in an assured conviction that there is light, and dark, and no in between. People must make the choice to be good or bad. How splendid that it should be so straightforward. Performances from people like Jeremy Irons, Viola Davis and Margo Martindale cannot save the fundamental shallowness of Beautiful Creatures.

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