Beverly Hills Chihuahua (2018)

dir. Raja Gosnell

It’s called Beverly Hills Chihuahua. Does it even sound like it’s going to attempt to be a good movie? Most of the movie isn’t even set in Beverly Hills – the titular chihuahua gets dognapped in Mexico, and spends the movie trying to get back home. She contends with an evil Doberman, a lonely German Shepherd, and a fellow chihuahua who has the hots for her. There is a whole load of inexplicable plot, including plots to steal expensive collars, and attacks from rogue mountain lions. The dogs go from trains, to deserts, to an Aztec temple. One dog seemingly even has PTSD from his time as a police dog. A movie called Beverly Hills Chihuahua absolutely does not need this amount of attempted complexity to it, because the complexity falls apart pretty quickly when you remember the whole thing is fronted by a spoilt chihuahua. Homeward Bound, it ain’t.

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