Blind Dating / Blind Guy Driving (2006)

dir. James Keach

Blind Dating is, frankly, offensive. It’s just offensive. You’d think there’d be something of value in a movie centring a disabled character and exploring an interracial romance, but, well, there is not. Chris Pine’s Danny is a man, blind from birth, who’s mocked by his peers for being a virgin at 22. How charming and kind. So he embarks on a series of dates, trying to get laid. He also decides to register for an experimental medical treatment that could allow him to see for the first time ever, during which he runs into a nurse he begins to fall in love with. Everything about Blind Dating is a total joke. The fact that Danny’s therapist starts undressing in front of him, while he can’t see, for some sort of bizarre sexual kink. The fact that the nurse’s Indian family are the biggest Indian stereotypes in the world, replete with Indian restaurant, arranged marriages, and jazzy head-bobbling. The fact that Danny’s brother is an obnoxious misogynist who throws pies into the faces of women who don’t want to date him, and the audience is supposed to find this charming. The fact that Danny just gets his lifelong blindness cured and is cool with it almost immediately. Blind Dating is an inexplicable mess.

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