Bride Wars (2009)

dir. Gary Winick

Bride Wars is a serious contender for being the most mean-spirited film ever made. Two childhood best friends transform into shrieking manipulative banshees, wholly consumed in their hatred for one another. Why? Because they each want to be the first one to get married. This apparently justifies all manner of sabotage, including messing with each other’s fake tan and hair dye to result in zany wrong colours, and even one of the women falsely outing the other as pregnant. The worst thing is Bride Wars claims this is all in good fun, just silly girls’ larks, just another romp like the women do. Because obviously it’s all resolved and they’re best friends again by the end of the movie. But no actual living, breathing woman in the world could relate to the behaviour espoused in this film – no woman who isn’t also a psychopath, anyway.

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