Child’s Play 2 (1990)

dir. John Lafia

Because, apparently, the world just demanded more Child’s Play. Through the incredibly convoluted scenario of the doll manufacturers wanting to reassure the world that the Chucky doll is safe despite all that pesky murdering it got up to, it goes and reassembles the pieces of Chucky after he was destroyed in the first movie. Then there’s an electrical power surge – and so the sneering Chucky is back. He does some more murders, as is his wont. He pursues the little boy from the first film, intent on transplanting his own soul into his body. You have to wonder why, though, seeing as Chucky is ostensibly so much more powerful and difficult to defeat in 29-inch doll form than he ever was as a living, breathing human being. Hence the fact that the Chucky franchise, seemingly, will never end.

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