Falling Inn Love (2019)

dir. Roger Kumble

One of those rom-coms that proudly proclaims being a city girl is inherently a soulless and terrible thing, and so all women seeking happiness need to move to “the country”. In this case it’s taken to extremes. Christina Milian plays Gabriela, who necks about three bottles of wine before entering a contest to “win an inn” in New Zealand, whatever that’s supposed to mean. Shock horror, it’s a scam and the inn is totally run-down, but Gabriela finds purpose in fixing it up, while becoming acquainted with all the adorable townsfolk. New Zealand, as a country, should really sue this film – the folksy stereotypes and simplistic portrayal of a beautiful country are nothing less than insulting. Even more insane, is the film couldn’t even give Gabriela a Kiwi love interest – she’s instead thrown an Australian actor, replete with obviously Australian accent, alongside the very weak excuse that the character went to university in Australia. Oh, and there’s also a comedy goat. Just because.

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