Friday the 13th Part 2 (1981)

dir. Steve Miner

This Friday the 13th sequel basically takes the 15-second “twist” climactic scene of the first one and makes a whole movie out of it. There’s not really even an attempt at a plot anymore. The first one at least explored a backstory and gave its killer a motive, meaning this one already has the foundations established and can just dive straight into murder, murder, murder, murder. Like the first one, it’s interspersed with horny teenagers, and idiots who don’t realise it’s better to stay away from the danger rather than blindly wandering straight into it. Like the first one, the Final Girl makes it through, despite overwhelming odds. It’s unclear why Jason Voorhees always likes to leave one girl behind, but I guess without her, there’d be no one to tell the sordid tale?

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