Gladiformers: Robos Gladiadores (2007)

dir. Marco Alemar

Video Brinquedo’s rip-off of Transformers. The entire film takes place in a single setting – a very awkward fighting ring where gladiator robots are fighting for no discernible reason at all. Said gladiator robots have names such as Julius Drive, Magnum Tutor, and Korjo Displo. Said names are yelled out with such fury, such dedication, such seriousness, it feels like they’re going for Best Animated Feature at the Oscars. Yet for all its lunacy and lack of plot, Gladiformers manages to be strangely compelling. It’s total nonsense, but it’s done with so much commitment that it’s kind of endearing. Out of all the total drivel churned out by Video Brinquedo, this one seems to have had the most effort put into it. At the very least, it’s arguably a notch better than Transformers.

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