Goat Story 2 / Goat Story with Cheese (2012)

dir. Jan Tománek

One would be forgiven for believing it couldn’t get any worse than Goat Story, but wow, it really does. Goat Story 2 manages to somehow be even madder, scarier and stupider than the first one. The same horrific animation stays. There are idiotic songs and annoying characters again. But this time, the adventure is centred around the children of the first film’s main couple. Goody. And it’s also about… cheese. They make cheese, and the king demands cheese, so the realm’s cheesemakers are kidnapped. Cheese is a really high-equity concept in this one. Most perturbing of all, is in the English-language version at least, the eponymous goat is suddenly cast as a man, although it’s a woman in the first one. No one ever acknowledges it though. It’s just another layer of horror to an already horror-saturated series.

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