#Roxy (2018)

dir. Michael Kennedy

As an alleged retelling of Cyrano de Bergerac, #Roxy pretends it’s saying so much more than it really is. And maybe it could have aspired to such heights – but instead it dumbs itself down to shallow teen rom-com levels. Protagonist Cyrus is a shy computer geek. Much of his shyness stems from his self-consciousness over his abnormally large nose. This in itself is a huge stumbling block for #Roxy – the actor’s prosthetic nose is so large, so ridiculous, so utterly fake-looking, that’s it’s a complete distraction. It’s difficult to take the rest of the movie seriously. More infuriatingly, rather than Cyrus being a sympathetic character, he of course goes full-on incel pretty quickly and bemoans how the girls don’t like a nice guy like him. It’s nothing to do with your nose, Cyrus – it’s more about you being a whiny, entitled bore.

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