The Accidental Husband (2008)

dir. Griffin Dunne

An uptight, meticulous woman (Uma Thurman) finds her life thrown off orbit by a good-looking but oh-so-unorthodox man (Jeffrey Dean Morgan). He’s just so wrong for her. Or is he…?! The Accidental Husband has the essential foundation of pretty much every rom-com ever. This one leans heavy into the clichés, including a boring British stick-in-the-mud played by Colin Firth, with his Colin Firth levels set to maximum. But it pushes the boat out slightly by also including a bunch of random Indian stereotypes, including copious head-bobbling and a little brown boy who’s an expert at computer hacking. Kudos for the attempt at diversity – it might just be nice if you make the ethnic minorities actual well-rounded human beings next time. Although to be totally fair to The Accidental Husband, its white characters are one-note cardboard cut-outs too. So at least it’s all equal.

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