The Christmas Tree (1991)

dir. Flamarion Ferreira

The Christmas Tree is, frankly, bewildering. There is just no reason for this film to exist. The story wasn’t worth telling – it’s all about some sad orphans trying to stop a tree from getting cut down, in possibly the lowest stakes of any kids’ film ever. Ostensibly none of the cast enjoyed it, as most of them sound like they’re reading their lines with a gun to their heads. The animators seemingly didn’t enjoy it, seeing as the animation is so lifeless and flat that the innocent little orphans’ smiling faces look more like haunted dolls than lively children. Unbelievably, the moral of the movie is summed up again in the frankly insulting line, “You always win when you are good”. Tell that to the world’s countless real, maltreated orphans. Just be more good, kids!

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