The Emoji Movie (2017)

dir. Tony Leondis

There may well have never been a more cynical, less creative conceit for a film. Phones and social media are popular, so why don’t we make emojis have their own world? The result is obviously about as shallow and one-note as, well, an emoji. Practically every line is a nudge and wink to the audience – Candy Crush! Spotify! Dropbox! Oh no, a firewall! But loudly shouting the names of apps doesn’t have the endearing effect the movie thinks it does. When compared to the ingenuity of something like Inside Out, which spent time crafting its character’s inner psychology, this movie instead quite obviously scrolled through a phone for thirty seconds and went, “Yep, these will do.” The Emoji Movie was the first animated movie to win any awards at the Razzies, and it decisively earns that claim.

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