Birdemic: Shock and Terror (2010)

dir. James Nguyen

Birdemic genuinely has to be seen to be believed. It just can’t be described in mere words. Its shoddy filming, which includes a long opening credits scene where someone has seemingly set their camera on their car dashboard and just driven around for a bit. Its stilted acting, such as the main character proclaiming he’s made “One million dollars” in a slow monotone, before robotically extending his hand for a painful high five with his colleague. Its frankly unbelievable visual effects, in that the film’s titular bird attack is conveyed through the use of crudely rendered bird graphics which look like Clip Art GIFs. The whole thing is supposed to be an environmental treatise – in summary, the birds went crazy because not enough human beings use solar panels, or something. So our band of intrepid heroes obviously collect together their wire coat hangers in an attempt to fight off the threat. How will humankind get out of this one? Well, it just stops. It just stops, and everything is okay again. Birdemic is truly wonderful, easily one of the best worst films ever made. There’s nothing quite like it – even its own sequel Birdemic 2: The Resurrection doesn’t hold a candle.

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