Knowing (2009)

dir. Alex Proyas

Another excuse for Nicolas Cage to run around and grimace heavily. Knowing is an apocalyptic sci-fi drama where Cage’s professor protagonist unearths clues from a time capsule which could be predicting future disasters. As he embarks on a mission to foil the final catastrophe, the movie paints itself further and further into a corner with cosmological revelations and metaphysical realities that genuinely cannot be tolerated even with the biggest possible suspension of disbelief. There is definite intention to do something profound and meaningful here; it’s just that the premise far overshadows the execution. Knowing feels a bit like watching someone running into a wall, and the closer they get to the wall, the faster they go. Although it culminates in disaster, there’s some tiny shred of respect for their sheer determination in sticking to their guns.

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