Money Plane (2020)

dir. Andrew Lawrence

“Hey, you know what’s interesting? Money. And you know where’s a good location? Plane.” Thus, presumably, Money Plane was born. The eponymous Money Plane is an incredibly perplexing airborne casino with no real logic to it – it’s just a casino that’s, for some reason, in the sky. People bet on illegal fights, feel up the stewardesses and spontaneously play Russian Roulette. All your typical vices, but on a plane! Money Plane is offset by the delightful decision to cast Kelsey Grammer as a character whose name is Darius Emmanuel Grouch III and whose alias is The Rumble, so it’s blatant that he’ll be hilarious in any context. He shrieks and glares and spends a lot of time talking aggressively about how much he loves money. Only thing better than money? Money on a plane. Money Plane.

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