Showgirls (1995)

dir. Paul Verhoeven

Showgirls is unbelievable. It genuinely cannot be believed. The director of Total Recall and Basic Instinct helms while Jessie from Saved by the Bell stars as a stripper falling into the seedier underbelly of Las Vegas, soundtracked by Prince songs that characters in the movie claim they wrote themselves? It just can’t be real. But magnificently, it is real. As the main character Nomi, it’s obvious that Elizabeth Berkeley is enjoying embarking on a role other than the uptight, killjoy Jessie, but that doesn’t mean she’s any good at it. But in her defence, she’s not given much character to work with beyond stripping, pouting, and spitting weak one-liners. Nomi ends the movie as detestable a character as she began it, rendering the moral of the story completely non-existent. Showgirls is a real journey, but don’t expect a destination.

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