Tiptoes (2003)

dir. Matthew Bright

Tiptoes genuinely has to be seen to be believed. It’s remarkable that people thought the best way to tell a serious, insightful movie about dwarfism was to ask Gary Oldman to spend an entire movie on his knees. It’s especially baffling when you consider that there are actual dwarf actors in the film, including Peter Dinklage (who plays a French man, whose accent occasionally veers dangerously close to sounding more like… Russian?). But even without the hideous spectacle of Gary Oldman trying to cosplay dwarfism, this movie is entirely idiotic. Not a single likeable character or relatable situation. The women are all especially vapid and useless, though the men aren’t much better. The making and distribution of this film was the basic equivalent of sticking a middle finger up at the entirety of humanity.

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