Psycho Stripper / Stripped / Bridal Nightmare (2019)

dir. Jake Helgren

It’s seldom a good sign when a movie can’t even decide on its own name, but Psycho Stripper is still pretty straightforward. It’s exactly what its title(s) say it is. Our sweet boring protagonist Amber meets a stripper on her bachelorette party who winds up harbouring a dangerous obsession with her. There’s some murder and some sex and some screaming, but it’s all heavily sanitised for a cosy Hallmark-type audience. There’s a bit of bizarre twisting and turning around the stripper’s past, linking him back to Amber, but it’s rendered next-to-useless as the insight doesn’t actually change anything about the plot. He goes after our heroes, and they run and fight. It doesn’t matter whether he’s pursuing vengeance, or really is just some psycho stripper – it’s still obvious how it’s going to end. Pretty typical Lifetime made-for-TV fare.

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