Dominator (2003)

dir. Tony Luke

The fact that Dominator even exists is an absolute mind-bend. It’s based on what is purported to be the first British manga (a questionable claim in itself), which revolves around Dominator, a demonic entity who is unleashed from hell when a trio of unsuspecting hot girls play a forbidden chord on their guitars. Dominator has stolen the key to hell, and decides to use his newfound power and freedom to essentially bum around London having sex and playing metal concerts. The story, what little there is, is beyond ludicrous, and it’s genuinely difficult to discern what’s supposed to be going on at any one time. All that’s unquestionably clear is that every single female character can’t help but swoon in fits of desire whenever Dominator’s around. That said, in Dominator’s defence, it occasionally hints that it knows what it’s doing. The odd genuinely funny line or overtly exaggerated vocal performance seem to suggest the whole thing is a joke on us, sometimes. Just sometimes. But it doesn’t matter, because Dominator‘s animation is so eye-wateringly bad that it’s beyond anything which could be excused as parody. Blank staring eyes, stiff limbs, utterly inscrutable backgrounds – every single individual frame hurts the eyes. Whatever Dominator is or isn’t trying to be, there is no realm on Earth or in hell in which it could be classified as anything but insanely bad.

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