The Perfect Date (2019)

dir. Chris Nelson

High school student Brooks Rattigan is absolutely obsessed with the idea of going to Yale University, but is worried he can’t afford it. He therefore gets his geeky best friend to set up an app, essentially pimping Brooks out as an escort (but a nicely sanitised, teen movie-friendly one who’s never once targeted by a pervert or rapist, and simply goes on wholesome home-before-midnight sojourns). Of course, there’s a whole thing around how the woman he truly wanted to spend time with was there all along. So far, so standard teen rom-com, and really that’s all The Perfect Date is. One remarkable feature, though, is just how much Brooks talks about money. He seems to work a strange bitterness into every single conversation he has, pointing out affluence at every opportunity, while still living in obvious comfort himself. It lends a slightly awkward edge to the whole movie – but granted, it would never have been a good film anyway.

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