Fatal Affair (2020)

dir. Peter Sullivan

In Fatal Affair, a successful woman named Ellie meets an old college friend, David. They engage in a very brief amorous encounter before Ellie resists and returns to her life with her husband and daughter. However, David is instantly obsessed, and begins stalking Ellie, basically pursuing every available avenue to get her back. Fatal Affair is about as predictable as a film like this gets. Of course our protagonist is painted as completely good and moral, while our antagonist is irredeemably twisted and evil. Perhaps this could have been more interesting if either of them had a shred of personality beyond the stereotypical roles they’ve been cast in, but alas and alack, Fatal Affair forgoes character in favour of over-the-top murders and silly tension sequences (there’s a particularly stupid moment where David somehow doesn’t see Ellie despite her being directly in front of him). There are no surprises or twists at all; the whole thing is a paint-by-numbers domestic thriller, indistinguishable from the rest of them.

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