A Fall From Grace (2020)

dir. David Cronenberg

This Tyler Perry Netflix original became infamous pretty much the second it was released, simply due to how awful it is. The plot follows a public defender who takes on the case of a woman accused of murdering her husband. Incredible, then, that A Fall from Grace takes a premise so serious and manages to deliver something so goofy. The film was apparently made in five days, and genuinely feels like it was put together in five minutes. It’s littered with blatant errors, like wigs completely changing between shots, magically disappearing slippers, boom mics invading the frame, and people miming eating and drinking with nothing but air. The attempts to portray dark male chauvinism and abusive tendencies are somewhat undermined when characters scream out lines such as “ASHTRAY, BITCH!” A Fall from Grace sets the bar so low, it really doesn’t have far to fall.

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