A Snow Globe Christmas (2013)

dir. Jodi Binstock

One of the two, entirely separate “Christina Milian stars in a movie where a woman gets stuck in a snow globe” movies, the other being Snowglobe. Clearly, six years after Snowglobe, Christina Milian just hadn’t had her fill of snow globe themed shenanigans. This time she plays an angel, who bewitches workaholic Meg (Alicia Witt) so she winds up stuck in a snow globe world. Ostensibly, Milian felt she’d already been through the ordeal herself and now had to subject someone else to it. Thus, Meg spends time in the adorable snow-covered village, and slowly learns the true meaning of life: friendship and giving. It’s a heart-warming Christmas message about love and happiness and blah and blah and blah. Also Turk from Scrubs is in it. Just another snow globe movie.

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