American Psycho II: All American Girl (2002)

dir. Morgan J. Freeman

The sequel that nobody on the planet ever asked for, American Psycho II asks the all-important questions: “What if Patrick Bateman of American Psycho got foiled by a 12-year-old girl? What if that 12-year-old grew up to be Mila Kunis? What if Mila Kunis was a sociopath herself and is obsessed with murder? What if William Shatner, too, was there for some reason?” American Psycho II is a bit like S. Darko: so loosely affiliated to the superior original that it’s only in name they really have anything in common. Plus, both seem to fixate less on storyline, and more on having a pretty girl strutting around, blowing kisses and posing. This one, though, was apparently not originally intended to be an American Psycho sequel, even in name – it was supposed to be a totally standalone story, with the American Psycho referencing only shoved in at the last minute. It shows.

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