Aloha (2015)

dir. Cameron Crowe

Good God, Aloha is a hard one. Bradley Cooper plays an ex-Air Force officer on a trip to Hawaii. In this film publicly promoted as a romantic comedy, our hero is supposed to oversee the launch of a weapons satellite (?!). Later he uses the mass destructive power of sonic waves to destroy the satellite (?!?!). Also he meets a native Hawaiian woman, played by Emma Stone (?!?!?!). Aloha is genuinely uncomfortable to sit through. It’s so earnest about being a light-hearted rom-com that it excuses its characters’ utter selfishness, deceit, and manipulation. It also blithely ignores Stone’s obvious unsuitability to playing a native Hawaiian movie, even though this film came out in 2015 when someone, someone, on the crew should have realised the ridiculousness of it. But Aloha is demonstrably nothing to do with the real world.

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