C Me Dance (2009)

dir. Greg Robbins

Why is it a “C” instead of “See”? Perhaps it stands for something. What could “C” stand for in this movie? Well, it’s a diehard Christian movie, so it could be Christian me Dance? Church Me Dance? Christ Me Dance? It follows a teenage ballet artist, Sheri, who discovers she has a rare type of cancer. Cancer Me Dance? C Me Dance is so over-the-top, so earnest, and so idiotic, it feels more like a parody of a movie than an actual sincere attempt to tell a worthwhile story. Sheri is blessed with powers by God so she can turn more people to the ways of Christ before her untimely demise. And sometimes she dances. It’s full of melodramatic pop songs and people gasping at nothing. It’s pretty hilarious – definitely worth C-ing.

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