Catwoman (2004)

dir. Pitof

Catwoman follows the story of Patience, a shy and unassuming designer who unearths a conspiracy at the cosmetics company she works at. So she gets murdered. But it’s okay – a bunch of cats bring her back to life as a pseudo-cat, a “cat woman” if you will. Catwoman is truly one of the worst superhero movies. Not only does it entirely eschew plot and character, but it replaces them with such a hypersexualised view of its protagonist that it’s hard to fathom that the movie genuinely tries to present itself as a powerhouse of feminism. The reason that other purported cat women like Patience haven’t been given prominence before is attributed to “male academia”. Sure, not just the fact that it’s really, really stupid. In between Halle Berry slinking about on rooftops pouting, and a laughable mess that can only be described as a sexy basketball game, Catwoman is a pure joke.

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