Dog Days (2018)

dir. Ken Marino

Okay, so, it’s Love Actually, but with dogs. An ensemble cast with interweaving romantic storylines – but the majority of the “interweaving” is simply that they all use the same vet. It’s a pretty lazy conceit. Obviously the characters are all bland stereotypes. Obviously there’s a creepy incel who we’re supposed to feel bad for because he’s an awkward geek, even though he considers himself almost aggressively entitled to women’s affections. Obviously Ron Cephas Jones plays a wise old man, so peaceful and contemplative he might as well have been sent directly from heaven. It’s the same old film as ever. There’s the sole benefit of cute pups to look at, but even that’s undermined when the film spontaneously decides to kill one of the dogs, purely to shove in a sad emotional beat. Two seconds later they’re all laughing and joking again. As you were.

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