Domino (2005)

dir. Tony Scott

Domino thinks it’s tough. It’s pretty unabashed about it. The entire thing is saturated in lurid yellows, with strange stuttered shots and disorienting zoom-ins. Domino, a bounty hunter played by Keira Knightley because someone somewhere thought that was a good idea, struts around pouting and frowning and muttering such “deep” lines like “Reality eclipsed into the asphalt horizon”. This meaninglessness is pretty pervasive throughout the film. We also get treated to such delights as a woman shrieking on Jerry Springer about how combined ethnicities such as “Blacktino” (black and Latino), “Koreapanic” (Korean and Hispanic), and “Chinegro” (just, urgh) should be valid concepts adopted by the world. In short, Domino spends two straight hours insisting it knows what it’s doing when it really, demonstrably does not.

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