Double Down (2005)

dir. Neil Breen

A Neil Breen special. Surprising no one, Breen stars as the intrepid hero. This time it’s secret agent and hacker Aaron Brand. Aaron is in a bit of a pickle, because he’s become trapped in an interdimensional time loop. How did that happen? Well, it’s because he converted the mind of his murdered wife into an artificial intelligence entity that he’s hidden in laptops strewn across the desert. What’s that? That makes no sense? Of course it doesn’t – it’s a Neil Breen film. It’s not Breen’s most entertaining film, but it’s up there, with his trademark terrible visual effects and nonsensical monologuing. Fundamentally it’s yet another excuse for Neil Breen to cosplay as a tortured genius. Of course, Breen plus genius always results in sheer Breenius.

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