Fanaa (2006)

dir. Kunal Kohli

Some pretty typical Bollywood shenanigans in this one. A blind girl falls in love with a man, and even sleeps with him, getting pregnant before marriage. Scandalous enough, but then the audience discover he is a terrorist. Then the man dies. Then Then the blind girl gets her lifelong blindness magically cured. Then it turns out the man didn’t actually die, and years later he finds the girl and their son – but of course, she doesn’t recognise him. The audience is supposed to just go with it. This is all interwoven with a police subplot, helicopter chases, explosions, and of course many a flamboyant song-and-dance scene. Standout aspects include Kajol’s “blind woman” acting, which consists of her looking slightly over the shoulder of anyone she’s speaking to, and the final climactic conflicts which culminate in way more violent deaths than one would have expected from a Bollywood rom-com. Fanaa seems to be Bollywood’s attempt to get every genre into a single film. It does not work, but it’s definitely entertaining anyway.

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