Gordy (1995)

dir. Mark Lewis

Gordy pulls off the incredible feat of being a rip-off of Babe, despite the fact that it actually came out a few months before Babe did. It still feels like a cheap imitation, though. A small talking farm pig becomes famous – why did two of these movies get released in 1995, anyway? In this version, the pig is actually understood by humans who “take the time to listen”, meaning any small children watching will cry over the fact that their pet rabbit never seems to talk no matter how much time they take to listen. Gordy also goes deep into country “charm”, including a little girl singing a painful rodeo song and ostensibly the entirety of Arkansas turning up to dance and applaud, because she’s just so good. The plot then descends into pure madness, including the inheritance line of a business empire, a devious villain trying to sabotage the good guys, and a mad dash to save some pigs from slaughter. Babe’s climactic scene was just a small pig herding some sheep into a pen; somehow that was way, way more impactful.

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