Horror Story (2013)

dir. Ayush Raina

It’s Bollywood trying to do a dramatic horror. It was always going to be hilarious. A group of friends decide to check out an abandoned local hotel, which is rumoured to be haunted. Horror Story is genuinely a laugh a minute, with wide-eyed screams and hysterical running accompanying the most rudimentary of horror tropes. Think TV sets working without power, or scary wheelchairs. Each character is a copy-and-paste of the other; the boys are all the same and the girls are all the same. Except, of course, there’s one all-important Final Girl. Of course, she’s the most modest and unassuming of the bunch. Horror Story is loosely based on the Stephen King short 1408, but with its melodrama and Bollywood flair, this is probably not the vision King had in mind.

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