Host (2020)

dir. Rob Savage

Host was released to critical acclaim, which suggests the bar for movies got extremely low during the coronavirus pandemic. The format is cute, although it’s nothing Unfriended didn’t already do – a bunch of friends get together on a video conferencing call, and the movie is done as though the viewer is looking at the screen. This time they check out an online séance for fun, only to discover that demonic forces are real, and they’re peeved. The scares are non-existent; there is no tension at all. Each character is as annoying and pathetic as the last. You don’t particularly want to see anyone survive, so there’s no investment in what’s going on. They all behave like total idiots so there’s no worry that something like this could feasibly happen to you, even if malevolent spirits exist. Host is also a bit strange as there’s a bunch of women in their late teens or early twenties, and then one random much older guy who suddenly shows up sometimes – but nevermind that, seeing as Host fails for so many other reasons.

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