I Know Who Killed Me (2007)

dir. Chris Sivertson

In a way, any film’s first foot forward is its title. It’s apparent quite quickly, then, that I Know Who Killed Me is pretentious, unnecessary, and makes no sense. Lindsay Lohan channels Showgirls as she pouts and lapdances while brooding over how terrible everything is. She finds herself badly injured and goes on a mission to find out why her memories don’t match that of the person the authorities are telling her she is. Through such classic plot devices as bionic hands and stigmatic twins, I Know Who Killed Me unravels a truly insane storyline whilst trying to pass itself off as an intelligent psychological thriller. The motive of the eventually revealed murderer is so hilarious that it has to be wondered whether anyone bothered to read the script more than once. It’s not hard to understand why I Know Who Killed Me set a record for the most Razzie Awards won by a single movie at the time.

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