I Feel Pretty (2018)

dir. Abby Kohn, Marc Silverstein

I Feel Pretty really hinges itself on the absolute worst of Amy Schumer’s comedy. The type when all you see is a conventionally attractive white woman bemoaning how fat, ugly and weird she is. In I Feel Pretty, Schumer’s character Renee gets concussed and suddenly believes herself to be a skinny, striking, model-esque woman. The premise might slightly, vaguely work if Schumer resembled some kind of bright purple castle-sized ogre in real life, but she doesn’t. Hence this isn’t quite the hilarious leap of faith the movie seems to think it is. I Feel Pretty therefore just comes across as thoroughly mean, as though the audience is supposed to be sniggering at Renee’s burgeoning self-confidence. Even this is done very weakly, though – Renee’s big strides include no longer having to wait to get served in a bar. Groundbreaking. Obviously the movie’s end moral is all about inner beauty, but it’s made even more vapid and pointless when the protagonist possesses a significant level of conventional outer beauty.

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