Snowglobe (2007)

dir. Ron Lagomarsino

One of the two, entirely separate “Christina Milian stars in a movie where a woman gets stuck in a snow globe” movies, the other being A Snow Globe Christmas. It’s unclear why Milian decided to do two of these, seeing as this first one, Snowglobe, is a vapid, cutesy affair which even the most innocent, Christmas-adoring little toddlers would declare too saccharine. Milian plays Angela, a Christmas obsessive who finds finds herself able to travel to the world within a magical snow globe she gets sent in the mail. Obviously this kind of ABC Family film is nothing but sheer idiotic escapism, and it knows it, but Snowglobe pushes the boundaries even by their standards. Everything is red and green; the grown inhabitants of the snow globe world are so completely naive and childlike that it’s grating more than it is endearing. This film is basically a candy cane – sweet, sickly, and really not good for you.

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