The Human Centipede (First Sequence) (2009)

dir. Tom Six

The Human Centipede unabashedly only ever existed for one reason: to shock. The real disappointment of First Sequence is that it fails to even do that. Obviously the premise is grotesque, but as publicised as it was, you’d think the full movie offers something slightly more, even just a kernel. It does not. It’s just people being sewn together by a mad man. Aside from the odd entertaining leer or monologue from the mad man, for some reason played with genuine dedication by Dieter Laser, First Sequence is a total bore. People run. People scream. People get sewn together – but we already knew that. There’s nothing remotely shocking about First Sequence past the fact that it’s a Human Centipede film, and that initial shock wears off extremely quickly.

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