I Am Here… Now (2009)

dir. Neil Breen

In which Neil Breen plays God. Hardly a leap for Neil Breen, who quite obviously considers himself to be God anyway – this time he’s just not sugar-coating it with an alias. Coming down to Earth in human form on a journey to Vegas to punish humankind for their wrong-doing, Breen spends most of this movie wandering a plain and gazing into middle-distance with an attempted melancholy air. Of course, Breen being Breen, he just tends to look slightly constipated at all times. This isn’t one of Breen’s most entertaining endeavours, but it still has his classic swollen ego alongside a non-existent production budget. Therefore, like most of Breen’s movies, I Am Here… Now is a bit like watching a home movie by the class’ self-proclaimed best filmmaker, then discovering it’s just stock footage of sky and sand, interspersed with long scenes of himself monologuing without a shirt on.

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