Legally Blondes (2009)

dir. Savage Steve Holland

Blondes, plural. Ostensibly this loosely affiliated Legally Blonde spin-off decided Elle Woods wasn’t enough, and decided to rectify this by giving us Elle Woods’ irritating twin cousins instead. Twin 1 and Twin 2 – they have names, but they’re so totally devoid of personality it makes no difference – make the big leap from Britain to California and join Elle’s alma mater boarding school. They’re bullied for being scholarship students, and make an alliance with fellow scholarship students to fight back. The plot ticks through the standard teen clichés: dull romance between a generic girl and a generic guy; bitchy nemesis who despises the heroes for no reason at all; a school dance. The film tries to justify the “legally” part of its title by throwing in a bizarre subplot about being on trial in student court. Fundamentally, though, plural Legally Blondes is worth a mere fraction of the singular Legally Blonde.

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