Leo the Lion (2005)

dir. Mario Cambi

The very best word that could be used to describe Leo the Lion is “confusing”. It is an extremely confusing film. The eponymous Leo is shunned by his peers for being a vegetarian lion. He goes on an adventure to the heart of the jungle, collecting some zany sidekick animal friends along the way. Sometimes, they sing – not often, just sometimes, when the movie remembers it’s supposed to be a musical. In the end, Leo forges a romantic relationship with an elephant and they have scary lion-elephant hybrid babies. To add to the confusion of the core film itself, the animation is an absolute joke. In addition, the movie’s subtitles don’t fully match up to the audio – the heart of the jungle is called “the lake of milk”, Leo is never called a vegetarian, and other such inconsistencies. The movie is ostensibly pretty confused by itself, so it’s no wonder it’s confusing to its audience too.

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