Little Bee / Abelhinhas (2009)

dir. Michelle Gabriel

Obviously the reason Video Brinquedo even existed was to rip off bigger films and dupe unsuspecting viewers into thinking they were purchasing the real thing. It’s still difficult to fathom why they’d want to rip off Bee Movie, which is a terrible cheap flaming garbage fire all by itself. At least Little Bee has the excuse of Video Brinquedo’s non-existent budget, as well as non-existent creative talent or vague use of effort at all. Animated bees with a disturbingly ugly faces buzz around, although sometimes they walk on two legs, all the better to march in formation. Conflicts include the chief honey maker making bad honey. The humans all wear beekeeping outfits so no one had to animate their faces. 55 minutes of this and it’s done. All in all, still better than Bee Movie.

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