LOL (2012)

dir. Lisa Azuelos

LOL was released right before Miley Cyrus reinvented her image and sang lots of songs about how she likes to have sex and take drugs. It shows, as LOL itself isn’t quite sure if it wasn’t to be a fluffy teen rom-com or a movie that delves into deeper issue of teen social pressures and psychology. It therefore contents itself with awkwardly bouncing back and forth in between. Cyrus’ character Lola has cheating ex-boyfriends and bitchy rivals to contend with, while her mother grapples with an attraction to her ex that also results in infidelity. Lots of lies and rumours, lots of sex and weed. But the tone of the whole film is still jarring in that it’s much lighter and more giggly than the subject matter it’s attempting to dress. It’s literally called “LOL”. So… let’s all laugh out loud.

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