Love on a Leash (2011)

dir. Fen Tian

It’s painful, the knowledge that our world is a place where the fever dream that is Love on the Leash can be classed as a real film. It’s a 2011 production, but the filming quality is so bad that watching it at home feels like putting on a home movie from the ’80s. Not that a better camera would have saved it – the entire idea is a woman falling in love with a dog, after all. He turns into a man at night, though. So, okay. For some reason the dog’s inner monologue is voiced by a completely different actor to the human incarnation; there’s a discernible personality shift too. Most bizarre of all is the film’s fixation on colour-coding – the protagonist always wears green, for example. It’s as though Love on a Leash believes it’s operating on several levels, a belief it’s hard to accept when it demonstrably doesn’t even operate on one level.

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