Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again (2018)

dir. Ol Parker

Yes, it’s the ABBA lyrics, but it’s quite something when even the movie sounds sick of itself. Here we go, again. Can’t blame it, though – the Mamma Mia! sequel is such a mess that even Meryl Streep couldn’t be coaxed into returning for more than a few seconds as a smiling ghost. The film is predominantly a flashback, delving into Streep’s character’s past as she and her sidekicks (none of whom have changed their haircuts in the intervening several decades) run about shrieking ABBA covers and trying to convince the audience this is something people would pay to see. The first Mamma Mia! just about dials up its extravagance to a level that only sometimes teeters into annoyance; this one spends the entire time being as thoroughly obnoxious as it can. And as a bonus, it throws in an awkward Cher solo performance that feels like it lasts forever. There they went, again.

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