Mean Girls 2 (2011)

dir. Melanie Mayron

By far the most egregious thing about Mean Girls 2 is its name. Tim Meadows returns as the same principal, despite the setting seemingly being an entirely different high school in an entirely different state, but besides that this movie has emphatically nothing to do with Mean Girls. Sure, they say “the plastics” a lot, while slow-panning over some teenagers strutting around in pink florals. But rather than trying to delve into any actual character, the plastics in this film are simply The Leader, The Germophobe and The Slut. No nuance allowed. Where Mean Girls managed to depict its protagonist’s slow descent into the perils of popularity, Mean Girls 2 puts some ugly coloured hair extensions on its heroines and calls it commentary. For some unknown reason, it all culminates in a bizarrely lazy game of American football. Not exactly Mathletes.

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