Ratatoing (2007)

dir. Michelle Gabriel

Video Brinquedo’s entire reason for existing is to make shameless rip-offs of successful animated movies, but this one takes it to unprecedented depths of audacity. As if the title Ratatoing was intended to do anything except trick people into thinking it’s Ratatouille. As if this one just happens, by mere coincidence, to focus on a rat who cooks meals and runs a restaurant. As if we’re supposed to take the animation seriously when it’s so poor it looks like the result of someone drinking a bottle of Absinthe, doodling mice on MS Paint, then throwing their computer out of the window. For entire stretches of time they’re all just running around on a plain white background. The movie’s only 44 minutes long. It had to take extra special effort to be this bad. It’s basically a punishment for liking Pixar.

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